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4 Steps in the Clinical Trial Screening Process to Know About as a Breast Cancer Patient

By: Emily Jordan, director of Trial Design at OneStudyTeam and former breast cancer clinical research coordinator   Hundreds of breast cancer clinical trials are recruiting patients ...
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How Sponsors Can Use Clinical Trial Performance Metrics When Collaborating with Sites

Clinical research performance metrics are most often leveraged for site feasibility assessments, but their utility extends far beyond those analyses. While site performance data is ...
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Why Neurology Clinical Trial Protocols are So Complex–and How to Support Sites with StudyTeam

According to StudyTeam reports, neurology has one of the lower enrollment conversion rates relative to other therapeutic areas. As an example: For all of the neurology patient ...
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3 Reasons We Need Tech to Speed Up Enrollment for Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials

By: Irene Meier, neuroscientist and senior lead for sponsor transformation at OneStudyTeam   Clinical trials focused on Alzheimer’s disease treatment have been underway for nearly ...
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3 Ways Secure Data Sharing Can Accelerate ALS Clinical Trials

With the recent approval of Amylyx Pharmaceuticals’ drug Relyvrio, clinical trials for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are in the spotlight. Continual innovation is needed to ...
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Overcoming Racial Disparities in GI Cancer: How StudyTeam’s Diversity Reporting Can Bridge Gaps

In the last several decades, public health research has illuminated the considerable racial and ethnic disparities in the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of many cancers. In ...
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