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Challenges and Solutions for Clinical Trial Sites: Hear From a Doctor at Esbjerg Hospital in Denmark

PhD student and medical doctor Dr. Elise Jonasson Nielsen works at the department of hepatology and gastroenterology at the Esbjerg Hospital, University Hospital of Southern ...
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4 Ways StudyTeam’s eSource Solution Streamlines Site Workflows in Clinical Trials

The FDA’s 2013 guidance for electronic source data capture promotes the use of eSource in clinical trials to streamline investigations while improving the reliability, quality, ...
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Tips for Clinical Trial Sites: Hear from a Research Coordinator at Centre Hospitalier de Mont de Marsan

Meet research coordinator Anne-Helene Boivin of Centre Hospitalier de Mont de Marsan in France as she shares a quick look into the clinical trial workflow at her research site, ...
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9 Ways to Reduce Clinical Trial Site Burden

As leaders in clinical research, sponsors can have the ability to drastically reduce elements of clinical trial site burden.
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3 Ways Sponsors and Sites Can Improve Patient Slot Allocation in Early Phase Clinical Trials

Patient slot allocation can be a critical element of early phase clinical trials. There may be a limited number of spots in the trial for participants, and the process of enrolling ...
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4 Reasons Sites Need to Automate Processes Around Clinical Trial Billing

When you look at clinical trial site financials at a high level, gaps in invoice creation, gaps in billing, and gaps in payment reconciliation can all add up. That combination of ...
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