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Technology in Decentralized Clinical Trials: 3 Questions for Sponsors to Consider

By Jenn Hillner, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at OneStudyTeam
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eSource in Clinical Trials: 5 Benefits for Site Teams

By: Jai Singh, Vice President of Site Growth and Adoption at OneStudyTeam
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Why Do Patients Drop Out of the Enrollment Funnel in Oncology Clinical Trials?

Due to recurring challenges in oncology clinical trials, only a limited number of patients who are pre-screened are potentially eligible. 
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Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials? Here’s How to Know if You’re on Track with Your Diversity Plan.

In 2022, the FDA provided draft guidance around diversity plans for sponsors to improve the enrollment of clinical trial participants from underrepresented racial and ethnic ...
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16 Ways Research Sites Can Improve Clinical Trial Enrollment Workflows

We have seen clinical research sites accelerate their patient enrollment timeline by four weeks. We have also seen sites enroll 41% more patients in a clinical trial than industry ...
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Strategies to Optimize Clinical Trial Enrollment Timelines

Patient enrollment is a major bottleneck for clinical trials — but it doesn’t have to be. Sponsors can take steps to remove barriers to enrollment well before a trial is underway, ...
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