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3 Major GI Clinical Trial Enrollment Challenges (and How to Address Them)

Roughly 40% of adults suffer from functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorders worldwide. However, despite the prevalence of GI conditions, clinical trials for GI treatments are ...
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Easy Ways Sites Can Use Software to Improve Patient Scheduling in Clinical Trials

Depending on the clinical trial phase, hundreds or even thousands of patients could be enrolled to test the efficacy and safety of a therapy. While that population may be spread ...
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3 Ways to Reduce Screen Failures During Clinical Trials

As of 2019, the average screen failure rate in global clinical trials stood at 36.3% across therapeutic areas. That’s nearly 2% higher than the average screen failure rate reported ...
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For Clinical Research Sites: 2 Digital Features that Boost Collaboration Across Patient Follow Ups

In the workplace, 86% of employees and executives point to ineffective collaboration and communication as the most common cause of workplace failures. At clinical research sites, ...
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Top Ways for Sponsors to Analyze and Improve Protocol Feasibility

Every sponsor should invest in protocol feasibility analysis when launching a clinical trial. They can prevent wasted time and resources by evaluating a protocol for potential risks ...
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Why All Clinical Trials Need to Go Digital

As many as 33 percent of global clinical trials that launched from October 2020 through March 2021 didn’t adopt digital technologies that year. But digitization is increasingly ...
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