May 6th, 2024


3 Benefits of StudyTeam’s Online Learning Portal for Research Sites

By OneStudyTeam

3 Benefits of StudyTeam’s Online Learning Portal for Research Sites

Even when clinical trial sponsors provide their site teams with technology that’s designed to streamline workflows and expedite pre-screening processes, there’s a common concern: Won’t more technology add clinical trial site burden? It’s a reasonable question, and one we hear when sponsors provide StudyTeam technology to their sites. StudyTeam is a solutions-driven platform equipped with visit management tools like visit checklists and visit window tolerances, as well as suites like eSource to improve source data integrity, and Site Financials to improve budget management efficiency. 

Of course, sites like yours still have to learn how to use StudyTeam in order to benefit from it. That’s why we built the StudyTeam Learning Center (STLC), an online, self-paced training and education portal that rapidly teaches new StudyTeam users how to work within and maximize their ability to benefit from the application. Here are three benefits to using the STLC online learning portal, all of which work to reduce clinical trial site burden.

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(1) STLC provides more flexibility for research sites during the onboarding process.

It takes time and schedule coordination to set up live training sessions with a support team member at a technology company. At the same time, some people prefer to have content they can review as needed, or keep open as they begin using new tools. If you prefer to learn on your own time, at your own pace, with the ability to revisit tutorial sections as needed, you’ll benefit from STLC. You can complete all of your StudyTeam training via STLC instead of by participating in a live session.

Because you just need a login to access STLC, rather than a scheduled meeting time with a support team member, you can dive right in and learn how to use StudyTeam as soon as you’re ready.

StudyTeam Learning Center Dashboard-1

(2) STLC formatting makes learning how to use StudyTeam fast and easy.

STLC is formatted with bite-sized content that enables quick and focused learning sessions that are ideal for busy schedules. The courses kick off with StudyTeam Essentials, a learning path (group of courses) that features an orientation to the platform and general app navigation, as well as an overview of sponsor expectations for platform usage. Additional courses include:

  • Adding Patients to StudyTeam for Sites: An explainer of how to add patients to StudyTeam individually or in bulk, and to duplicate patients from one trial to another.
  • Slot Management for Sites: Instructions on how to complete, submit, update, and cancel patient slot allocation requests to sponsors.
  • Effectively Manage Patient Referrals in StudyTeam: Steps for how to easily receive and manage patient referrals from all sources right in StudyTeam.

StudyTeam Learning Center - Essentials for Sites learning path

Each course provides clear and simple instructions and information that emphasize the “what, where, how, and why” of suites, features, and tools in the platform. Images, GIFs, and videos provide straightforward examples to quickly get users familiar with the technology and the actions they can take in the platform such as: how to start sharing pre-screening updates with a connected sponsor.

Once you learn each action available in StudyTeam, you can start to apply this knowledge immediately to accelerate pre-screening processes and streamline  patient visit management. 

(3) You can review STLC content at any time to ensure you’re using the platform effectively on every trial, and learn about new capabilities.

We are continually updating STLC content to keep you in-the-know about updates and changes within the app. In addition to learning about new capabilities that are available, you can easily refresh your knowledge of how best to utilize StudyTeam for your role and/or the relevant features based upon your trials and their enrollment life cycle.

StudyTeam Learning Center - first page of Effectively Manage Patient Referrals

Note: Currently, Essentials courses in the online learning portal are available in English,  Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Chinese-simplified. We’ll translate more courses and add more languages on a rolling basis throughout 2024 and alert you as they become available.

How do you access StudyTeam Learning Center for your site onboarding?

When you receive your StudyTeam login, log in to the application and click through the Resources tab to access the Learning Center. From there, it’s time to absorb digestible courses, onboard to StudyTeam fast, process each new concept effectively, and build on that knowledge over time as your trials progress. 

If you don’t yet have a StudyTeam account, use the link in the site initiation visit slides and study start-up materials you receive from OneStudyTeam to register. You’ll still have one-click access through the app after you receive your login.

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