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How to Write a Better Clinical Trial Protocol: Make These 5 Changes to Your Schedule of Activities

Protocol development is a critical step in clinical trial setup. With a well-written protocol to guide their work, site teams around the world can work on the same trial in a way ...
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How Sites Can Use StudyTeam Post-Enrollment

While the StudyTeam® platform was originally built to empower sites to more effectively pre-screen and enroll their studies, a growing number of site teams continue to use this ...
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Why Neurology Clinical Trial Protocols are So Complex–and How to Support Sites with StudyTeam

According to StudyTeam reports, neurology has one of the lower enrollment conversion rates relative to other therapeutic areas. As an example: For all of the neurology patient ...
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3 Reasons We Need Tech to Speed Up Enrollment for Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials

By: Irene Meier, neuroscientist and senior lead for sponsor transformation at OneStudyTeam Clinical trials focused on Alzheimer’s disease treatment have been underway for nearly 45 ...
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6 Easy Ways Sites Can Use Software to Improve Patient Scheduling in Clinical Trials

Depending on the clinical trial phase, hundreds or even thousands of patients could be enrolled to test the efficacy and safety of a therapy. While that population may be spread ...
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