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5 Ways Sponsors Can Speed Up Enrollment for Rare Disease Clinical Trials

Only about 5% of rare diseases have at least one approved treatment available for affected patients. To increase the availability of care options in this therapeutic area, sponsors ...
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How to Write a Better Clinical Trial Protocol: Make These 5 Changes to Your Schedule of Activities

Protocol development is a critical step in clinical trial setup. With a well-written protocol to guide their work, site teams around the world can work on the same trial in a way ...
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5 Questions to Ask When Selecting Clinical Trial Technology

Many vital clinical trial operations, from trial design to recruitment, depend on technology sourced through vendors. A sponsor’s choice of clinical trial technology companies and ...
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Enrolling Decentralized Clinical Trials: Benefits and Things to Consider

Decentralized trials enable the expansion of clinical research to a wider population. To bring clinical trials outside the physical confines of a clinic, sponsors need to develop ...
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Why Pre-screening Data Matters in Clinical Trials That Are on Track with Enrollment

Even if your clinical trial enrollment is on track, it is still worthwhile to invest in making recruitment the smoothest–and fastest–it can be. Optimizing your approach with deeper ...
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3 Enrollment Strategies for Global Clinical Trials

By: Aunna Nakazawa, senior director of Customer Success at OneStudyTeam
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