October 1st, 2021


Meet the Study Buddies: Marina Askari

Meet the Study Buddies: Marina Askari

Welcome to our new series "Meet the Study Buddies" where you'll get to know the employees who make up our talented team passionately working to bring solutions to clinical trial enrollment. 



Name: Marina Askari                                           

Employee Job Description: I oversee OneStudyTeam’s digital marketing, demand generation, and marketing operations


Hometown? Falls Church, VA

Currently live? South End in Boston

How long have you been at OneStudyTeam? Since July 2020

Why did you join the team? Because I like knowing that the work we do every day is directly connected to saving patients lives.

Where did you work prior to joining? ezCater

What is your favorite part of being on the team? My awesome marketing team! And all the exciting growth that is happening at the company.

What is your favorite moment or project during your time at OneStudyTeam? I’ve been excited lately about growing our marketing team and being part of that process.

What is your advice for others looking for opportunities in marketing? Be scrappy and proactive. There’s so many resources out there to learn and by doing and that goes a long way in marketing.

What’s your favorite OneStudyTeam perk or benefit? The healthcare plans covered 100% by the company

If you could describe the team in one word what would it be? Kind

Which of OneStudyTeam’s core values resonates most with you? Why? Assume good intentions. It’s a good reminder that most often people truly do have the best of intentions at heart

What was your fun fact when you joined OneStudyTeam? That I have no middle name

Favorite food? Talenti ice cream

Favorite place on earth? Lake George

Favorite animal? My sister’s Jack Russell Terrier

Favorite genre of music? No clue but lately I’ve been listening to Starbucks’ Vintage playlist on Spotify

Favorite age so far and why? My age today. Life just keeps getting better

What color best describes you? Purple

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self what would it be? Just roll with it

What’s a unique fact about you that few people know? In third grade, I won the elementary school estimation contest by guessing how many soda pop tops were collected in a giant jar

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