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6 Ways for Clinical Research Coordinators to Reduce Clinical Trial Site Burden

When you have the right technology and workflows to reduce clinical trial site burden at your own research site, you get three results:
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6 Key Clinical Trial Metrics to Evaluate Your Patient Recruitment Campaigns

Sponsors who evaluate the right recruitment metrics during patient recruitment campaigns set their trials up to meet enrollment goals, prevent recruitment delays, and maximize ROI. ...
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3 Benefits of StudyTeam’s Online Learning Portal for Research Sites

Even when clinical trial sponsors provide their site teams with technology that’s designed to streamline workflows and expedite pre-screening processes, there’s a common concern: ...
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3 Ways to Design a Clinical Trial That’s Patient-Centric

One key challenge in clinical trials is patient access: reaching the right patients, ensuring easy access to trials, and making it easy for patients to continue participation. The ...
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Research Sites Can Now Use StudyTeam Technology to Enroll Clinical Trials in China

Research sites in China can now use StudyTeam software to manage patient recruitment and enrollment in clinical trials more efficiently.
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3 Benefits of eSource for the Principal Investigator in a Clinical Trial

According to a pharma FDA auditor, the biggest issue for compliance in clinical trials is oversight by principal investigators – or the lack thereof. As the principal investigator ...
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