January 16th, 2023


2 Tools Endocrinology Clinical Trials Shouldn’t Go Without

By OneStudyTeam

2 Tools Endocrinology Clinical Trials Shouldn’t Go Without

Endocrinology clinical trials have their fair share of challenges—but finding patients usually isn’t one of them. While clinical trials in therapeutic areas like gastroenterology or oncology often face lengthy enrollment timelines, endocrinology trials typically enroll a large number of patients very quickly. This tendency to be high- and fast-enrolling sets them apart in the research world, but also creates new hurdles for both sites and sponsors, specifically, increased administrative load and less time to react to enrollment data. 

Because of this, there are two tools every endocrinology trial should make sure is included in their enrollment management platform.


Tool #1: Bulk Import 

For many endocrinology clinical trials, recruitment happens fast. Traditionally, endocrinology sites will receive a large list of potential patients from their recruitment partner, which they then have to manually transfer into their enrollment systems. In fact, it’s not uncommon for sites to add 75+ patients into their systems at one time. But while this is good for getting the trial up and running quickly, it can add a lot of admin burden to sites and create more opportunities for data entry errors. 

That’s why an enrollment management platform that allows for bulk import is a must. With bulk import, sites can quickly move large lists of patients from an outside source, such as an Excel sheet from a referral partner, into the system they already know and love. Less admin work, fewer data errors, more time to engage with patients—there’s no better way to make sites happy.

However, bulk import is only half of the equation. Platforms like StudyTeam take it a step further by allowing sites to search their large patient databases by I/E criteria, cutting down on the time it takes to sort, find, and flag potential patients. This makes the transition from patient recruitment to patient enrollment seamless. 

(Pro tip: Combining bulk import with a tool like Referral Partner Interface ensures eligible patients are not accidentally dropped from the enrollment process.)


Tool #2: Real-Time Data

While real-time data is important for all clinical trials, it is especially necessary for endocrinology. Because these clinical trials enroll so quickly, it can be difficult to evaluate and adjust enrollment tactics fast enough to meet predetermined goals. By the time a sponsor realizes their diversity goals aren’t being met, enrollment may be closed with treatment already underway. The short timelines of endocrinology trials mean the next study may reach full enrollment before a sponsor ever sees data from the first. 

Picking an enrollment management platform that securely offers real-time enrollment data helps prevent this struggle and gives sponsors enough time to take action. But don’t forget to pair real-time data with data analysis support. The size of endocrinology trials makes it particularly difficult for one person to aggregate bulk data alone. With StudyTeam, our experts work with sponsors to synthesize data from large endocrinology trials, uncovering important information that could impact study design. From understanding which patient groups are underrepresented to which I/E criteria may be excluding certain ethnicities, our real-time data and analysis ensures sponsors get in-depth insights no matter the speed or size of their trials.


Want a closer look at how bulk import or real-time data and analysis could impact your endocrinology trial? Connect with us and see StudyTeam in action. 

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